The pour reveals a less-than-impressive display, as the liquid flows into the goblet forming a dull, cloudy amber gold with a tight, albeit unremarkable, 1/8″ cap. The visual presentation fails to evoke intrigue or anticipation.

Aroma: Rose and Spice Dance

In the olfactory department, the aroma emerges with notes of rose-scented lotion intermingled with the pungency of spicy Belgian yeast. This peculiar blend attempts to set the stage for what lies ahead but lacks the finesse to truly captivate the senses.

Taste: A Symphony of Discord

The flavor profile introduces a sharp and spicy yeast character, accompanied by the unwelcome intrusion of bitter hops. Despite its attempt to redeem itself, the brew concludes on a fruity note. The taste experience unfolds like a dish where the ingredients refuse to harmonize, resulting in an uncoordinated flavor journey.

Mouthfeel: The Bubbly Ballet

The mouthfeel, characterized by crispness and lively bubbles, offers a fleeting moment of redemption. However, this ephemeral satisfaction fails to compensate for the disharmony within the taste profile, leaving the overall experience hanging in the balance.

Overall: Above the Abyss, but Not Without Flaws

In a style not frequently embraced, Midnight Sun’s Fallen Angel surprisingly manages to soar above the average mark. The beer flaunts an unanticipated crispness and cleanliness that somewhat rescues it from the pitfalls of its visual and taste shortcomings. While commendable for its efforts, this Fallen Angel still grapples with imperfections, offering a fleeting glimpse of excellence but ultimately falling short of a celestial revelation.