The Midnight Sun Bar Fly presents itself in a 22 oz. bottle, poured into a goblet, revealing a very dark brown hue with a creamy tan cap of froth. While visually appealing, the beer leaves behind a brown coating, hinting at a potentially heavier texture.

Aroma: The aroma of this Smoked Imperial Stout is dominated by smokey roasted malt, bourbon, and dark fruit notes. It entices the senses with a complex blend, promising a journey into the depths of flavor.

Taste: The taste profile unfolds with elements of light roast, bourbon, and a touch of dark chocolate. While these flavors create a commendable combination, the finish tends to lean towards sweetness, resulting in a dessert-like quality. However, it’s worth noting that the expected intensity of smoke doesn’t fully materialize in the flavor profile.

Mouthfeel: The beer boasts a thick and creamy mouthfeel, contributing to a warming sensation with each sip. The texture enhances the overall drinking experience, aligning with the robust nature of an Imperial Stout.

Overall: In the grand scheme of beer experiences, Midnight Sun Bar Fly proves to be a commendable contender. Drawing parallels with the esteemed Berserker, it falls into the category of fantastic brews. Despite the slight disappointment that the smokiness doesn’t carry through as anticipated, the overall impression is positive. It may not hit every mark, but it earns its place in the beer aficionado’s lineup.