Purchased at Trader Joe’s for a wallet-friendly $3, this 12oz can of Maui / Crooked Stave Two Tickets to Paradise promises a journey from Colorado to the islands. Poured into specialty glassware, the beer reveals itself as a clear, deep pink elixir crowned with a light pink, soda-like foam. Despite its gorgeous presentation, a cautionary note emerges as sediment settles at the bottom of the can, clouding the liquid when poured.

Aroma: Layers of Tropical Symphony

The initial whiff presents a light aroma, reminiscent of fresh ionized air, Granny Smith apples, and Ocean Spray cranberry. With a gentle warming, the fragrance transforms into a strawberry daiquiri, hinting at cherry Sucrets, yet firmly anchored in the realm of tropical mixed drinks.

Taste: A Refreshing Dive into Complexity

Upon sipping, the beer unfolds as a refreshing delight. The high carbonation, absence of discernible alcohol, and a restrained acidity rating of 6 out of 10 make for a crisp experience. Lactic and citric acids harmonize, complemented by subtle hints of sugar and salt. The dominance of fresh bread and cranberries enhances the overall flavor profile, imparting a creamy texture reminiscent of a fruited Berliner Weisse rather than a classic saison.

Mouthfeel: A Fine Balance of Texture and Tartness

Drawing parallels to Hill Farmstead’s Brother Soigné, albeit with notable distinctions, Two Tickets to Paradise impresses with its acidity, saltiness, and creaminess. While lacking the refined, ethereal touch of its counterpart, this beer navigates closer to a German-style sour. The addition of wheat contributes a subtle creaminess, creating a palatable sour that defies the typical one-and-done ordeal.

Overall: A Can of Artfully Crafted Palatability

While some may quibble over its classification as a saison, leaning more towards gose or Berliner Weisse, the end result is undeniably phenomenal. The accessibility of this caliber of beer in a 12oz can is a testament to the evolving craft beer landscape. Gone are the days when such excellence was confined to a 750mL corked and caged special release. Maui / Crooked Stave Two Tickets to Paradise showcases the art of crafting a sour that beckons repeated enjoyment—a true feat in the world of brewing.

In the ever-expanding universe of craft beer, this can of paradise stands as a beacon of expertise, offering a tropical escape with every sip. Cheers to the miracle of finding excellence on the shelves of the local grocery store.