Mammoth Brewing Company’s Lair of the Bear, a Russian Imperial Stout aged in Heavenly Hills bourbon barrels, emerges as a formidable winter warmer. Jeremy from Altadena, CA, shares his take on this bold creation, urging beer enthusiasts to either savor it now or brace themselves for an extended hibernation.

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Aesthetics: Dark Allure in a Goblet

The pour reveals an opaque black elixir crowned with a dark, rich caramel-colored head. The head gracefully subsides, leaving behind a delicate lacing on the glass edge, setting the stage for a sensory journey.

Aroma: Bourbon Ballet with Chocolate and Coffee Accents

The olfactory experience unfolds with prominent bourbon notes intertwined with deep, luscious hints of chocolate and coffee. The 9.5% alcohol content makes a subtle entrance, a characteristic expected in a brew of this strength.

Taste: Dark Complexity with Surprising Twists

Lair of the Bear delivers a palate of dark richness and complexity. The anticipated notes of dark caramel and roasted malts make a commanding presence, but unexpected companions emerge. Cinnamon imparts a subtle twist, while a substantial hop bitterness skillfully counters the anticipated sweetness from the barrel aging.

Mouthfeel: Champagne-Like Elegance

The mouthfeel surprises with a champagne-like carbonation, defying the heaviness often associated with Russian Imperial Stouts. The smooth texture on the tongue adds to the allure, making each sip a refined experience.

Overall Verdict: Mammoth Brewing Spreads Its Wings

In the vast landscape of brewing, Mammoth Brewing Company distinguishes itself with Lair of the Bear. This offering signifies a departure from the ordinary, showcasing the brewery’s willingness to experiment with triumphant results. Despite its size and distribution, Mammoth Brewing delivers a winter beer that is both well-rounded and well-executed.

Perfect Pairings: A Cool-Weather Sharing Experience

This winter beer beckons to be shared, offering an ideal companion to moments by the fire. Paired with dark chocolate, smokey almonds, or any robust-flavored counterpart, Lair of the Bear elevates the cool-weather experience to a memorable level. Mammoth Brewing Company has indeed crafted a brew that spreads its wings, making a mark in the world of winter ales.