The pour of Maine Beer Company’s Another One reveals a hazy, glowing straw color that immediately catches the eye. The impressive foam rises generously out of the glass, persisting for several minutes before gradually collapsing. It’s worth noting that the bottle conditioning introduces a bit of yeast sediment from the bottom, contributing to further cloudiness if poured.


Another One offers a brighter and contemporary aroma profile, featuring a delightful blend of pineapple, peach, strawberry, and mango, coupled with a hint of green plant matter from the hops. The absence of caramel and Munich malts allows the hop character to shine, resulting in a refreshing and expressive bouquet.


In the taste department, Another One presents itself as more of an American Pale Ale (APA), showcasing sharp bitterness accentuated by a light, dry body. The removal of caramel and Munich malts contributes to a crisp and snappy character with minimal sugar to offset the bitterness. While the combination of dryness and bitterness isn’t always a personal favorite, it surprisingly works well in this context. The beer is notably aggressive in its bitterness, almost reaching a stinging sensation at times.


The mouthfeel of Another One aligns with its APA-like qualities, delivering a dry and light-bodied experience. The aggressive bitterness is persistent throughout, providing a lively and engaging sensation on the palate. The lack of astringency or roughness is commendable, showcasing a well-executed take on the modern, dry IPA style.


While Another One leans towards the drier side for an IPA, it manages to execute this profile admirably. The flavor profile is vibrant and modern, featuring expressive summer fruits that add a layer of complexity. However, the beer’s high price, single-bottle format, and potential quality concerns during long-distance shipping may be deterrents for some consumers. It’s important to note that the sample reviewed was exceptionally fresh, which could impact the overall perception.

Similar Beers

Another One’s profile places it closer to an APA, with its light body and bold bitterness. For those appreciating a similar dry and bitter combination, Victory Summer Love is recommended, showcasing a comparable balance.

In conclusion, Another One from Maine Beer Company offers a unique take on the modern IPA, pushing the boundaries with its dry and bitter characteristics. While it may not cater to everyone’s taste preferences, it stands out as a well-crafted and distinctive brew. As always, individual preferences may vary, so it’s advisable to consider personal taste preferences before committing to this particular offering