Magic Hat Encore, a creation from Magic Hat Brewing Company, boldly merges the realms of American wheat beer and traditional India Pale Ale. With a distinctive combination of Simcoe and Amarillo hops, this concoction boasts a delightful grapefruit aroma that harmonizes with its subtly sweet malty foundation. Let’s delve into the nuances of this genre-blending brew.


The Encore pours into the glass with a captivating cloudy amber gold hue, crowned by a luscious thick cap of dense white foam. A visual spectacle sets the stage for what’s to come.


The olfactory experience of Encore unfolds with notes of grassy hops, intertwined with hints of orange peel and the inviting fragrance of crusty bread. The aromatic journey begins, preparing the senses for the upcoming flavor symphony.


The palate is treated to a dance of bitter American hops, complemented by the toasty essence of bread crusty malt. A subtle citrus twang adds depth to the flavor profile, leading to a conclusion marked by a commendable lingering bitterness. Magic Hat Encore proves to be a journey for the taste buds.


With a carbonation level leaning towards the higher side of medium and a medium-bodied texture, Encore offers a tactile experience that enhances the overall enjoyment. The mouthfeel contributes to the distinct character of this hoppy wheat ale.

Critical Analysis

In the realm of hoppy wheat ales, Magic Hat Encore stands out as a commendable creation. The meticulous blend of Simcoe and Amarillo hops creates a beer that demands to be savored fresh. The careful interplay of bitter hops, toasty malt, and citrus twang showcases the craftsmanship behind this offering.

Final Verdict

For enthusiasts of Magic Hat beers, Encore promises a particularly gratifying experience. When approached with freshness in mind, this brew unfolds as one of the most enjoyable in the Magic Hat repertoire. The marriage of American wheat beer and India Pale Ale elements in Encore is a testament to the brewery’s commitment to innovation and flavor complexity. A must-try for those seeking a clean, hop-infused journey through the world of wheat ales.