Lost Abbey’s Veritas 009 stands as a notable departure from its predecessors within The Lost Abbey’s experimental lineup, diverging significantly from the typical sour beers aged in French oak barrels for a standard 12 to 15 months. Originating as a dark base beer in late 2007, it embarked on a journey by residing in freshly emptied bourbon barrels from Kentucky’s Heaven Hill Distilleries for a hefty 15 months. Subsequently, the beer transitioned to French oak barrels, once housing Syrah wine, where sour cherries were introduced, and the brew rested for an additional year and three months. The culmination of this intricate process occurred in mid-2010 when it was meticulously extracted from the barrels, blended, bottled, and left to mature for an extra 11 months.

Appearance: The Veritas 009 pours a deep, dark brown, almost black, with a conspicuous absence of any head. Its viscosity is strikingly robust, presenting a brew that appears remarkably thick.

Aroma: Wafting from the glass is an intricate melange of blackberry, chocolate, port wine, and an intriguing hint of old-school permanent magic marker, intertwined with the unmistakable presence of wood.

Taste: The flavor profile delivers prominent wood tannins and notes reminiscent of wine, accompanied by a robust interplay of sour berries, chocolate, wood, and a discernible alcoholic warmth. The dark fruit essence intertwines seamlessly, resulting in a brew that leans towards the boozy side.

Mouthfeel: Veritas 009 boasts a full-bodied character, living up to the anticipated thickness, with a restrained carbonation that complements its weighty presence.

Overall: In its entirety, Lost Abbey’s Veritas 009 leaves an indelible impression as an astonishingly complex brew, achieving a delicate balance between sourness and decadence. The pronounced boozy quality enhances its overall appeal, making it an exceedingly flavorful experience for those who appreciate a robust and multifaceted beer.