In the realm of craft beers, The Lost Abbey’s Track 8 boldly ventures into uncharted territory with its Bourbon Barrel-aged version of Judgment Day. Released on August 18, 2012, this 13.7% ABV concoction takes the base beer for Cuvee de Tomme, ages it in first-fill Bourbon Barrels, and then infuses it with a rock and roll-inspired twist. A brew that pays homage to the essence of Oatmeal Raisin cookies, the addition of cinnamon sticks and dried chili peppers adds a spicy kick to the flavor spectrum. The raisins, originally used in brewing the base beer, emerge as the driving force behind this spicy monster, promising a unique drinking experience that may lead to enlightenment on Judgment Day.

Tasting Notes: A Rollercoaster of Flavors

Appearance: Pouring into the goblet, Track 8 presents itself as an amber-brown elixir with a micro stripe of bubbles crowning its surface.

Aroma: The olfactory journey is marked by an enticing medley of cinnamon, brown sugar, and ripe dark fruit. Caramel and cocoa notes add depth to the aromatic symphony.

Taste: The palate encounters a whirlwind of flavors – anise, rum raisin, and wood dance together, accompanied by a hint of black pepper. The journey concludes with a lingering spice, leaving a lasting impression.

Mouthfeel: While the beer’s prickly and full-bodied nature commands attention, its harshness adds an edge to the overall drinking experience.

Critique: A Brewing Symphony with a Harsh Note

Despite the promising flavor profile that Track 8 presents, there is a sense of discord. The initial release left an impression of being too big and harsh, overpowering the potential subtleties. However, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon, as the reviewer envisions potential maturation with time. The beer’s current state might be a tad overwhelming, but there’s optimism that, by the same time next year, Track 8 could evolve into a more harmonious and enjoyable brew.

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