Upon pouring the Left Hand SmokeJumper into a goblet, it presents itself as a dark brown liquid adorned with a disappointingly thin tan film. The lackluster visual display fails to evoke much anticipation for the drinking experience.


The olfactory experience begins with a predominant scent of smoke, accompanied by notes of chocolate, vanilla, and dark roasty malt. While these elements contribute to a complex aroma profile, there’s a subtle lack of originality, as if the beer is playing it safe within the boundaries of expected flavors.


The flavor profile of SmokeJumper offers a mix of expected elements such as smoke, wood, burnt toast, and cocoa powder. Unfortunately, the promise of uniqueness falls short, and the beer finishes with a lingering smokiness that, while not unpleasant, lacks the boldness one might anticipate from a tribute beer to fearless smokejumpers. The absence of any pronounced meatiness in the taste is a missed opportunity to add depth and complexity.


The mouthfeel is undoubtedly full-bodied, but it comes with a downside. The coating sensation on the palate is accompanied by a somewhat intrusive peppery fizz, disrupting the overall harmony that a high-quality smoked beer should deliver.


In summary, Left Hand SmokeJumper is undoubtedly a delicious smoked beer, but its appeal lies more in its rarity than its groundbreaking flavor profile. The absence of a hickory smoked ham taste is a positive deviation from the norm, but the overall experience falls short of creating a lasting impression. As a commendable attempt at a smoked beer, it leaves room for improvement in terms of visual presentation, flavor boldness, and a more refined mouthfeel. While it may find a place among enthusiasts of unconventional brews, it doesn’t quite reach the level of excellence one might expect from a tribute to the fearless smokejumpers.