Barrel Aged Wake Up Dead from Left Hand Brewing invites you into a world where good mornings are tangled with the looming threat of waking up dead. Embracing the brink of catastrophe, this barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout, akin to the patience-demanding Bolsheviks, undergoes a more than 12-month hibernation in the brewery’s cellars. Blended to woody perfection, it emerges with hints of raisins, cherry, licorice, and toffee, accompanied by earthy, herbal hop notes that join your fight for a better life. Fear not the dark; this stout demands allegiance.

Appearance: A Glimmer in the Abyss

Poured into a goblet from a 22 oz. bottle, Left Hand Barrel-Aged Wake Up Dead unveils a dark brown hue. Surprisingly, light manages to pierce through during the pour, unveiling a small creamy head that swiftly transitions into a tight film.

Aroma: The Intoxicating Symphony of Oak and Spirits

The olfactory journey begins with a burst of fresh oak, immediately followed by the assertive presence of alcohol and the subtle grace of vanilla extract.

Taste: A Complex Melange of Scorched Nuances

The palate encounters a burnt roast that mingles seamlessly with oak, alcohol, and a touch of licorice. The flavor profile is a harmonious interplay of bold elements, challenging the taste buds.

Mouthfeel: Astringency and Subdued Carbonation

The texture of Left Hand Barrel-Aged Wake Up Dead leans towards astringency, complemented by a modest level of carbonation. The mouthfeel echoes the beer’s bold personality.

Overall: The Wood Bomb Experience

In the realm of stouts, this offering is undeniably a wood bomb. Consumed fresh, it carries a suggestion – a minimum of 3 months is advised for the beer to settle into its own. Despite the immediacy, the experience remains enjoyable, offering a glimpse into the potent complexity that time can unfold. Left Hand Barrel-Aged Wake Up Dead is a testament to patience rewarded.