The Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine IPA pours with a radiant orange-gold hue, exhibiting a slight haziness that barely conceals its effulgence. This brew commands attention from the get-go, crowned by a towering, cream-colored foam that rises ambitiously above the rim of the glass.


The aromatic symphony of Sip of Sunshine is nothing short of enticing. Notes of Hawaiian bread rolls, apricot, Mandarin orange, and a delightful peaches and cream medley waft from the glass. The aroma dances dynamically, transitioning seamlessly from the zest of pomelo to the allure of ambrosia fruit salad.


Contrary to its categorization as a New England-style IPA, Sip of Sunshine leans decidedly closer to the clear, West Coast IPA territory. It makes an entrance with assertive bitterness, delivering a punch of spicy citrus rind, apricot skins, and a resinous burst of alpha acids. The malt presence is robust, offering a buttery cake-like sweetness that deftly balances the bitterness. Notably, the beer boasts a rich nuttiness and a satisfyingly dense mouthfeel. The palate is a masterpiece, characterized by an oily, coating texture, where intense resinous hops persist and culminate in an aggressive, powerful finish. It’s worth noting that, in comparison, Double Sunshine manages to maintain an even more impressive body and juiciness.


The mouthfeel of Sip of Sunshine is a highlight, boasting a luxurious richness and a velvety coating effect. The presence of resinous hops cuts through, leaving a lasting and robust impression on the palate.


Contract-brewed in Connecticut, Sip of Sunshine unquestionably lives up to its well-deserved reputation. Despite its 8% ABV, it exudes a character more reminiscent of a 7% brew, setting it apart from the typical Double IPAs known for their stickiness, booziness, and harsh bitterness. This beer deserves a place among American classics, akin to its West Coast counterpart, Pliny the Elder.

Similar Beers:

Sip of Sunshine shares similarities with Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. Classified as a Double IPA, it barely fits within the style at 8.0% ABV. Its profile aligns closely with the best clear IPAs, standing far removed from the sticky and boozy realm often associated with typical DIPAs. Think more along the lines of Pizza Port Swami’s.

In conclusion, Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine IPA is an exceptional brew that lives up to its reputation, defying expectations of a typical Double IPA. It exhibits a unique character and deserves recognition as an American classic in the world of craft beer.