The visual presentation of Lawson’s Finest Little Sip IPA sets the stage for a promising beer experience. The sky blue color of the can, distinct from its Sip of Sunshine counterpart, immediately catches the eye. Pouring into the glass reveals a mostly clear orange-gold liquid crowned with a robust beige foam that lingers for a commendable five minutes before gradually dissipating.


Little Sip IPA emanates a fragrant blend of ripe red mango, canned pineapple, and Valencia orange, creating an olfactory experience that leans towards the tropical and juicy spectrum. The aromatic profile distinguishes itself from its sibling, Sip of Sunshine, with a heightened emphasis on fruity notes, setting the stage for the tasting journey ahead.


The flavor profile of Little Sip IPA aligns with the expectations set by its aroma, delivering a palate enriched with tropical fruit nuances. The vibrant hop character takes center stage, featuring green mango peel, orange rind, and ruby red grapefruit. Despite its slightly leaner ABV, the beer maintains a well-balanced composition, avoiding the pitfalls of excessive bitterness. The moderate sweetness enhances the fruity hop flavors, contributing to a satisfyingly dense yet refreshing taste.


Little Sip IPA introduces a touch of distinction in its mouthfeel, courtesy of its leaner ABV. The beer exhibits a slightly dustier and gritty texture compared to its weightier counterparts, Sip of Sunshine and Double Sunshine. However, this minor trade-off doesn’t compromise the overall vibrancy of the hoppy elements. The persistent, higher carbonation enhances the quenching quality of the beer, while a subtle tang reminiscent of sourdough bread lingers in the finish.


In the realm of regular-strength IPAs, Lawson’s Finest Little Sip stands out as a commendable achievement. This beer encapsulates the essence of a modern IPA with precision, boasting a delightful interplay of tropical fruit aromas and flavors coupled with a well-managed bitterness. Its lower ABV and leaner body make it a standout choice for an everyday IPA, offering a more drinkable and refreshingly lighter alternative to its higher-alcohol counterparts. Little Sip is a testament to Lawson’s prowess in crafting beers that not only meet expectations but exceed them.

In conclusion, Little Sip IPA successfully fills a void in Lawson’s lineup, providing a compelling option for enthusiasts seeking a quality IPA experience without the heftier alcohol content.