Lagunitas’ tribute to the historic Fillmore Theater, the Fillmore Fusion Ale, is a testament to the brewery’s craftsmanship and creativity. Brewed with the experimental hop ADHA 483 to mark the theater’s 100th Anniversary, this American Pale Ale (APA) boasts a 5% ABV that sets the stage for a unique drinking experience.

Pouring Perfection

The presentation begins on a promising note, with the ale pouring into the glass like liquid gold. The clear amber hue catches the eye, crowned by a thin but respectable cap of white foam. The delicate white lacing left behind adds an aesthetic touch, setting expectations high for what lies within.

Aromatic Overture

The olfactory experience invites anticipation with a medley of scents. Fresh citrusy hops take center stage, accompanied by the zesty notes of orange peel. Underlying hints of light bread dough and crust add depth to the aroma, promising a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary.

Tasting Notes

As the first sip unfolds, the ale delivers on its aromatic promises. Juicy hops burst forth, intertwining with the bitterness of piney hops. The dance continues with dry toasty malt making an entrance, leading to a remarkably clean finish. The beer’s flavor profile plays like a well-rehearsed symphony, each note hitting its mark.

Mouthfeel Musings

In the realm of mouthfeel, the Fillmore Fusion Ale maintains a thin yet satisfying texture. The juiciness lingers on the palate, complemented by an average carbonation level. This balance adds to the overall drinkability, making it a brew that invites repeated sips.

Final Verdict

In the grand finale, Lagunitas’ Fillmore Fusion Ale proves itself as more than just another Pale Ale. It successfully marries the bold expression of hops with the subtle charm of malt, creating a harmonious blend that stands out in the crowded world of craft beers. For those who appreciate a Pale Ale where the hops take the spotlight and the malt gracefully follows, this brew is a noteworthy performance. As the curtain falls on each sip, the lingering taste leaves an indelible mark, earning this ale a well-deserved spot among personal favorites.