Beer Review: KNEE DEEP IPA

Beer Review: KNEE DEEP IPA

In the vast landscape of craft beers, Knee Deep IPA from Knee Deep Brewing attempts to carve a niche with its promises of a full-bodied India Pale Ale experience. The expectations are set high as the brewery boasts the use of six malts and four hop varieties, ensuring a smooth finish with a hint of bitterness and an intense piney and floral aroma.


The expedition begins with a 22 oz. bottle poured into a goblet, revealing a clear copper hue crowned with a decent cap of white froth. However, the aesthetic appeal is marred by the sparse rising of tiny bubbles within the body.


As we delve into the olfactory realm, Knee Deep IPA unfolds a peculiar bouquet. Caramel corn and brown sugar vie for attention, while the grapefruit and pine hop aroma awkwardly lingers in the background, as if relegated to the back seat of this aromatic journey.


The taste buds embark on a perplexing journey, encountering crystal malt notes, a curious touch of plastic, and culminating in a long and dry hop bitterness finish. The promise of a harmonious flavor profile seems to dissipate into a rather disjointed tasting experience.


Navigating through the terrain of mouthfeel, Knee Deep IPA presents itself as a medium-bodied concoction with moderate carbonation. While not entirely unpleasant, it fails to distinguish itself in the crowded realm of craft beer textures.


In the grand scheme of craft brews, Knee Deep IPA falls short of the anticipated heights. Despite being marketed as a fresh batch, it fails to stand out in a market saturated with superior IPAs and even within the Knee Deep Brewing portfolio. This expedition into the world of Knee Deep beers leaves much to be desired, with the promise of a remarkable craft beer experience remaining unfulfilled.