KNEE DEEP IMPERIAL TANILLA is the center of attention in this edition of DAN Beer Reviews, hailing from Knee Deep Brewing as the brewery’s two-year anniversary creation. This Imperial Porter, a souped-up version of its sibling, Tanilla, boasts an infusion of double the vanilla beans. The promise is a finely tuned and robust concoction, flaunting a symphony of chocolate, vanilla, and espresso notes.


In the glass, the Knee Deep Imperial Tanilla reveals itself with a dark brown pour, crowned by a meager yet persistent cap of tan. The visual allure sets the stage for what should be an enticing tasting experience.


Engaging the olfactory senses, the Imperial Tanilla emanates a bouquet dominated by vanilla, butterscotch, and chocolate malt. A promising start, as the aromatic profile hints at a complex and indulgent brew.


However, the journey takes an unexpected turn upon sipping. The taste unfolds with butterscotch leading the way, followed by notes reminiscent of brownie mix and a hint of burnt roast. A touch of alcohol disrupts the anticipated harmony, leaving the palate questioning the overall balance.


The mouthfeel, described as full-bodied with rough carbonation, contributes to the rollercoaster of sensations. While some may appreciate the robust texture, others might find the carbonation a bit too assertive for comfort.

Overall Assessment

The review concludes on a contemplative note, with the reviewer expressing a need to revisit Knee Deep Imperial Tanilla. A sense of discrepancy lingers, as the reviewer questions whether there was something amiss during this particular encounter. This introspective stance is in stark contrast to the backdrop of friends who supposedly rave about this beer, leaving the reader curious about the potential divide in opinions.

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In a world of craft brews, Knee Deep Imperial Tanilla stands at a crossroads, praised by some and met with skepticism by others. The critical lens applied here invites beer enthusiasts to explore this anniversary creation with a discerning palate, acknowledging both its potential and the shadows that may lurk within the depths of the brewer’s artistry.