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For a milestone like a 25th anniversary in the brewing industry, Karl Strauss Brewing didn’t hold back. Their celebratory concoction, the Karl Strauss 25th Anniversary Doppelbock, speaks volumes about their craftsmanship and dedication.

A Toast to Character

Crafted by a brewery that embodies character, this Doppelbock stands as a testament to Karl Strauss’s legacy. It’s not just any Doppelbock; it’s a robust, malty lager boasting caramel notes and a delightful plum-like fruitiness. But what sets it apart is the year-long aging process in oak barrels, elevating its profile to new heights.

Tasting Notes

Upon pouring, the beer reveals its dark brown hue, accompanied by a fleeting head. The aroma is a tantalizing mix of graham crackers, bourbon, and hints of vanilla and milk chocolate-covered caramel. Taking a sip, one experiences a symphony of flavors: from dark chocolate and raisins to toasted notes and a subtle oakiness, with a lingering bourbon warmth.

A Rich Experience

The mouthfeel is described as warm, with a carbonation level that, while low, maintains a lively presence without becoming cloying. This beer is undeniably substantial, but not overwhelmingly sticky—a testament to the brewer’s skill.

Final Thoughts

This Doppelbock marks a departure for Karl Strauss, presenting their most barrel-forward offering yet. It’s a beer to savor and share; tackling a bottle solo might prove challenging given its size and intensity. However, its cellarability ensures that the experience can be enjoyed over time, perhaps even to toast the brewery’s next 25 years. Cheers to Karl Strauss and their dedication to crafting beers with character!