Jester King Boxer’s Revenge takes a swing at blending tradition with innovation, drawing inspiration from the robust “stock ales” of farmhouse breweries along the Franco-Belgian border. Named in homage to George Orwell’s diligent workhorse in Animal Farm, this sour ale from Jester King Craft Brewery aims to weave delicate tropical fruit, citrus, and spice with tart, rustic, earthy notes from Brettanomyces. Does it deliver a knockout punch, or does it stumble in the ring? Let’s dive into the flavors and nuances.

Tasting Experience


The initial glance at the 750 ml. bottle poured into a goblet reveals an amber orange hue with a surprising absence of head. Does this lack of froth set the stage for a disappointingly flat experience, or is it a deliberate choice to let the flavors shine without distraction?


The olfactory journey unfolds with faint soured fruit and hints of melon rind. Does the subtle fragrance beckon the drinker into a flavorful abyss, or does it fall short of creating a compelling aromatic prelude?


As the liquid hits the palate, a dance of modest tart fruit, including notes of granny smith and white grape, commingles with funky Brettanomyces. The addition of wood notes adds a layer of complexity that lingers on the taste buds. Does this combination result in a harmonious symphony of flavors, or do the elements clash in discord?


The beer, described as medium-bodied, juicy, and boasting modest bubbles, promises a tactile experience. Does the mouthfeel enhance the overall enjoyment, or does it leave the consumer wanting more texture and depth?

Final Verdict

In the grand finale, Jester King Boxer’s Revenge emerges as a very funky beer with gentle tartness. The commendable showing from this relatively young barrel program raises eyebrows. Does it prove to be a bold and successful venture into uncharted brewing territories, or does it fall short of leaving a lasting impression? As the curtain falls on this beer review, the final sip determines whether Boxer’s Revenge claims victory or retreats to the corner.