Publisher: Ithaca Beer Co.
Genre: Barrel Aged Beer, Beer Reviews
Print Length: 750 ml. bottle
ISBN: Not specified

Ithaca Beer Co. takes a daring leap into the world of sour ales with their creation, Ithaca Excelsior! Le Bleu. The brewers, Ben Brotman and Richie Shallcross, meticulously crafted this blend by combining barrels filled in 2010 and 2011, resulting in a unique sour ale that undergoes natural bottle conditioning.

Unfiltered Elegance: Aesthetic Ambiguity

Appearance: Poured into a goblet, Le Bleu presents itself as a very cloudy amber gold with no discernible head. The unfiltered nature of the brew adds an element of mystery to its visual allure.

A Symphony of Scents: Funk, Brett, Berries, and Citrus

Aroma: The olfactory experience of Le Bleu is a journey through funk, brett, berries, and citrus notes. The blend of these aromas creates an intriguing anticipation for the tasting adventure that lies ahead.

A Rollercoaster of Flavors: Sour Berry Dominance

Taste: The flavor profile of Le Bleu is dominated by sour berry notes, accompanied by a hint of vinegar and light toast. Notably absent are hops, allowing the sourness to take center stage, culminating in a lemony finish that lingers on the palate.

Texture Tales: Full-Bodied with a Rough Edge

Mouthfeel: Le Bleu boasts a full-bodied texture that, while satisfying, carries a rough edge. This roughness adds a layer of complexity to the overall drinking experience, contributing to the beer’s distinctive character.

The Verdict: A Glimpse into Ithaca’s Sour Mastery

Overall: Ithaca Excelsior! Le Bleu proves to be an enjoyable exploration into the world of sour ales. The desire to sample various vintages is sparked by the unique characteristics of this blend. In comparison to its counterpart, Brute, it becomes evident that Ithaca Beer Co. is successfully navigating the complexities of their sour program, leaving beer enthusiasts eager to witness the brewery’s future innovations in this realm.