Humble Forager’s Coastal Sunshine, specifically the Passion Fruit, Mango, Guava, Pineapple version, makes an immediate impression with its vibrant appearance. Poured from a 16oz can with a packaging date of 4/15/20, this brew exhibits an opaque, unfiltered mango juice color, accompanied by a foam that dissipates almost as quickly as it forms. Frankly, it leans more towards mimosa or fruit smoothie territory than your typical beer.

Aroma: An Inviting Burst of Fruitiness

As you raise the glass to your nose, Coastal Sunshine unveils an intoxicating aroma that hints at the tropical paradise it promises. Ripe mango, seedy passion fruit, and sweet canned Dole pineapple take center stage. It’s like sticking your nose into a bowl of freshly cut exotic fruits. The fruity bouquet is robust, inviting, and almost deceivingly non-beer-like.

Taste: A Burst of Fruit Delight

The taste of Coastal Sunshine mirrors its appearance and aroma, offering a refreshing burst of fruitiness. The ripe mango dominates the flavor profile, exuding juiciness with just the right balance of acidity and mid-range sweetness. This sweetness doesn’t overpower but rather complements the brew, creating a harmonious blend with a subtle hint of saltiness and a creamy, yogurty richness. While pineapple and passion fruit make appearances, they graciously share the spotlight with the dominant mango notes. The beer’s lower acidity contributes to its brightness and overall refreshing character.

Mouthfeel: Almost Chewy Juiciness

Coastal Sunshine boasts an almost chewy mouthfeel, owing to the copious amount of fruit pulp in suspension and the addition of wheat and spelt proteins. This combination transforms it into a mega juice bomb that coincidentally happens to be a well-behaved sour ale. The result is a textural experience akin to sipping on a pulpy mango smoothie, rather than a conventional beer.

Overall: A Tropical Paradise in a Glass

In a landscape where many modern fruit sours tend to overdose on acidity, obscuring the fruit nuances, Coastal Sunshine stands out as a triumph of balance. It strikes a perfect equilibrium by packing an immense amount of tropical fruit goodness while maintaining just enough sweetness to elevate those flavors. The touch of acidity contributes to its lively and refreshing character. This brew might lean heavily into the juice territory, but it’s a loveable, over-the-top juice bomb that will delight fans of fruity, refreshing beers.


Humble Forager’s Coastal Sunshine, especially the Passion Fruit, Mango, Guava, Pineapple variant, is a revelation in the world of fruit beers. Unlike some fruit sours that either drown in acidity or compromise on fruitiness, Coastal Sunshine finds the sweet spot. It delivers an abundance of tropical fruit essence, a touch of sweetness to enhance the flavors, and a refreshing acidity that elevates the overall drinking experience. It’s more like sipping on a mango smoothie than a traditional beer, and that’s precisely why it’s so appealing.

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