Hill Farmstead Brewery pays homage to their roots with the creation of Hill Farmstead Edith, a black saison named after their grandfather’s sister. The familial ties run deep, as the brewery stands on the very land that once housed Edith and her 13 siblings. In this review, we delve into the depths of this ale, brewed with American malted barley, German roasted malts, European hops, farmhouse yeast, and well water.

Tasting Experience

Appearance: Edith pours a deep black hue, crowned with a modest khaki film that hints at the richness within.

Aroma: The olfactory journey is marked by a medley of roast, wet dog, and a distinctive soury funk reminiscent of sweet tarts.

Taste: The flavor profile opens with tart brett notes taking the lead, followed by nuanced mineral undertones, light roast, a subtle cola essence, and concludes with a tart finish.

Mouthfeel: The lively carbonation dances on the palate, contributing to a full-bodied experience that complements the diverse array of flavors.


While Hill Farmstead Edith may not be a brew one actively seeks out, it presents itself as a fine creation. The combination of tart brett notes, mineral complexities, and a lively mouthfeel showcases a well-crafted beer. It may not become a staple in the regular beer rotation, but the reviewer expresses contentment in having had the opportunity to sample this distinct offering.