The Hill Farmstead Damon stands as a testament to the enduring impact of cherished moments with those we’ve lost. A contemplative Imperial Stout, this brew pays homage to Damon, a figure from the past whose memory lingers in the depths of our hearts. Crafted with devotion and aged in bourbon barrels from a beloved distillery, Damon beckons us to reflect on days gone by. At 27º Plato and 10.5% abv, it’s a journey into the realms of nostalgia.

Sip by Sip: Unveiling the Story in a Goblet

Publisher: Hill Farmstead Brewery
Genre: Barrel Aged Beer, Beer Reviews
Print Length: 750 ml. bottle
ISBN: Not applicable

Visual Symphony: A Dark Brown Overture

The pour reveals a dark brown elixir, adorned with bubbly tan edges that set the stage for what unfolds in each sip.

Aromatic Elegance: Whispers of Chocolate and Whiskey

The aroma dance of Hill Farmstead Damon is a delightful ensemble of dark chocolate, hints of cake batter, and the lingering embrace of whiskey. A fragrant prelude to the experience that follows.

Tasting Notes: Layers of Complexity

In the realm of taste, this imperial stout unfolds with a symphony of flavors – smoky malt, dark chocolate, and a subtle burnt roast, all intertwined with the richness of dark fruit. A harmonious balance that captivates the palate.

Texture Tale: Full-Bodied Harmony

The mouthfeel narrates a story of full-bodied richness, complemented by soft carbonation. Each sip, a chapter in the sensory journey of this bourbon barrel-aged beauty.

Verdict: A Refined Ballet of Flavors

In the realm of bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts, Hill Farmstead Damon stands out for its refined elegance. While some may crave the bold chaos of monster stouts, this offering captivates with a nuanced approach. More than a mere display of in-your-face bourbon, chocolate, and caramel, it unfolds as a balanced and cohesive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

In summary, Hill Farmstead Damon is not just a beer; it’s a reverent tribute, an olfactory and gustatory exploration that invites you to relish the beauty found in the subtleties of flavor.