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Hangar 24 Craft Brewery commemorates its fourth anniversary with a distinctive creation, the Hangar 24 4th Anniversary Ale. This special edition, a “doubled” version of the Alt-Bier, stands out by incorporating a portion of Pugachev’s Cobra aged in rye barrels for over 16 months. A concoction brewed for a noteworthy occasion, it promises a unique flavor profile, intertwining caramel and roasty notes with a spicy oak finish. The rich malt aroma carries hints of fruit esters and alcohol, promising an extraordinary tasting experience.

Unveiling the Aesthetics

Appearance: The ale pours a dark reddish-brown hue, adorned with a lasting creamy tan film, setting the stage for an enticing visual experience.

Aromas that Tantalize the Senses

Aroma: The scent is a symphony of roasted and toasted malt, with enticing notes of chocolate and fresh hops intermingling to captivate the olfactory senses.

A Flavorful Symphony

Taste: The palate is treated to a melange of toasted chocolate malt and dark chocolate, accompanied by mild spicy hops. The taste journey extends to nuances reminiscent of black forest cake, with a subtle hint of barrel aging adding complexity to the overall flavor profile.

The Texture of Craftsmanship

Mouthfeel: Exhibiting a full-bodied character with active carbonation, the ale boasts a texture that complements its rich and layered taste.

A Pinnacle of Brewing Excellence

Overall: Without a doubt, the Hangar 24 4th Anniversary Ale emerges as one of the brewery’s finest creations. Its harmonious blend of flavors and meticulous craftsmanship make it a standout brew. Anticipation builds for the promised 100% barrel-aged version, as this anniversary ale raises the bar for what exceptional brewing can achieve.