The Tropical DNA Hazy IPA from Green Flash Brewing presents itself with a hazy straw color, although far from the dense opacity associated with some trendsetting IPAs. Pouring from a 12oz bottle, a voluminous white foam takes center stage, persisting impressively for over three minutes. The overall visual appeal suggests a deviation from the soupy IPAs of certain avant-garde breweries like Monkish or Tree House.


The olfactory experience begins with a sweet and fruity bouquet reminiscent of pineapple and ice cream, crafting a Dole Whip-like character. Hints of lemon emerge, accompanied by subtle undertones of vinegar and scented soap. As the brew warms, the aromatic profile leans into sweet creamsicle notes, though the initial complexity remains.


Tropical DNA doesn’t shy away from its sweetness, with pineapple flavors dominating the palate. The lack of significant bitterness allows the 7% ABV to introduce a boozy, white rum character. This interplay of flavors conjures a poolside mixed drink experience, accentuated by the absence of balancing bitterness. While the sweet pineapple essence is pronounced, the overall sweetness may border on excessive, creating a somewhat cloying effect.


In the realm of mouthfeel, Tropical DNA manages to steer clear of the common pitfalls associated with New England-style IPAs. It avoids the gritty concrete and chalky notes often found in this beer style, offering a relatively clean experience. The absence of minerality and the mild presence of chalk contribute positively to the beer’s overall texture.


In the broader context of widely-distributed Hazy IPAs, Green Flash’s Tropical DNA holds its ground. Positioned as an ambassador for the New England-style IPA, its regional availability facilitates its introduction to a diverse audience. Drawing parallels to similar offerings from larger breweries like Sierra Nevada and Firestone Walker, Tropical DNA distinguishes itself with its sweet pineapple mixed drink flavor and minimal bitterness. Notably, it manages to sidestep the undesirable gritty and chalky elements, offering a commendable rendition of the style.

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In concluding this critical exploration, Tropical DNA’s success lies in delivering a distinctive flavor profile to a broader audience. While the sweetness might be a touch overwhelming for some, its avoidance of common pitfalls in the New England-style IPA landscape sets it apart. In a market saturated with varying interpretations of the style, Green Flash’s Tropical DNA manages to carve out its niche, offering a palatable and refined experience.