Upon pouring Green Flash Remix IPA into the glass, its deep gold hue catches the eye. The initial foaming action is promising, but the disappointing head retention for the style becomes apparent. Large, fleeting bubbles deny the pleasure of the expected micro-bubbled, rocky foam characteristic of this beer category. A subtle turbidity or chill haze is present initially but clears up as the beer warms.


The aromatic journey of Remix IPA begins with notes of cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and starfruit. However, as the beer warms, the fragrance shifts toward a dominant sweet tea essence. While the aroma is intriguing, the transition to a Southern-style lemon iced tea character might not align with everyone’s expectations.


The flavor profile of Remix IPA mirrors its aromatic complexity. Initial sips reveal the sweetness of cantaloupe and golden honeydew melon, evolving into the unmistakable taste of Southern-style lemon iced tea. Despite this unexpected direction, the beer remains enjoyable, balancing its richness with a background maltiness that tempers the bitterness introduced by Columbus and Summit hops. The anticipated Summit-driven sharpness manifests as a more moderate bitterness, with sweetness prevailing at a 7 out of 10, and bitterness at a 6 out of 10. Surprisingly, the beer proves to be more drinkable than anticipated.


While Remix IPA might draw inspiration from old-school hops, its mouthfeel and overall balance embrace a decidedly modern approach. Striking a harmonious chord between refreshment and richness, the beer navigates a fine line, pleasing enthusiasts seeking a less aggressively bitter experience. This nuanced approach positions Remix as an accessible choice within Green Flash’s lineup.


Remix IPA’s departure from the expected Green Flash boldness might raise eyebrows among enthusiasts. However, the beer’s unique flavor profile, with its nods to nostalgia and modern restraint, has the potential to win over a broader craft beer audience. The decision to include Remix in the core lineup warrants consideration, as it introduces a distinctive alternative to the existing Soul Style and West Coast IPA offerings. In an era where breweries explore hazy and tropical IPAs, Green Flash’s foray into the realm of lemon iced tea beer is a commendable deviation. Yet, it prompts reflection on the overall trajectory of Green Flash’s lineup, which, while diverse on paper, may need a dose of innovation to keep pace with the evolving craft beer landscape. Remix, while an interesting addition, accentuates a potential need for fresh experimentation in Green Flash’s repertoire.