Great Notion Brewing, renowned for its imaginative beer combinations, brings us Space Paint—a Double IPA born from a cosmic collision between Nelson and Galaxy hops and an asteroid of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. As I delved into this 8.5% ABV creation, I couldn’t help but wonder if this interstellar rendezvous would live up to the brewery’s eccentric reputation.


The liquid poured into my Renaissance Glass unveils a golden hue veiled in a moderate haze. While the retention is decent, the glass dons impressive lacing with each sip, leaving behind a visual testament to the beer’s journey.


The initial olfactory experience reveals the presence of gooseberries and lychee, signaling the fruity twist woven into the beer. Behind this, a more familiar dank and wine hop amalgamation emerges, showcasing the prowess of Nelson Sauvin in the brew.


A medley of medium hop bitterness, pine resin, diesel, and overripe peach dances on the palate, enveloping a spritzy, sweet citrus essence attributed to the white wine fermentation. The malt bill contributes a welcome chewiness, adding sweetness to complement the hop and wine flavors. The alcohol content is skillfully concealed, with only a stray hop burp betraying a subtle warmth.


The beer’s texture is a delightful interplay of spritziness from the white wine fermentation and a bit of chewiness from the malt bill. This balance enhances the overall experience, creating a nuanced mouthfeel that elevates the drinking pleasure.


Great Notion, known for its whimsical fruit-inspired brews, has successfully transitioned its creativity into a more refined, well-executed form with Space Paint. In a craft beer landscape often dominated by slushee concoctions, it’s a breath of fresh air to witness the brewery showcase its craftsmanship in a sleek, streamlined package. For those who appreciate IPAs, Space Paint offers a unique reminder that the same flavors can be found in white wine. Great Notion has masterfully integrated excellent hops with wine must, resulting in a synergy where 2+2 equals an unexpectedly delightful 5.