Publisher: Grand Teton Brewing
Genre: Sour Ale
Print Length: 750 ml. bottle
ISBN: Not specified

Grand Teton Brewing introduces their Oud Bruin, claiming allegiance to the East Flanders tradition. The brewing process involves American 2-Row barley, German melanoidin malt for a reddish hue, and maize to lighten the body. Boiled overnight with a touch of Idaho Galenas hops, it undergoes a six-month fermentation with a Flemish blend of yeast and bacteria cultures. The unfiltered nature promises evolving complexity over the next two years.

Appearance: Dark Amber Dullness

The 750 ml. bottle is poured into a goblet, revealing a dark amber liquid devoid of any head—no froth during the pour or post a gentle swirl.

Aroma: Sweet Expectations, Mixed Outcomes

The scent offers notes of cocoa powder, sweet cherry, and a hint of Mountain Berry Kool-Aid.

Taste: Missing the Pucker Punch

Tasting the brew discloses a blend of milk chocolate-covered strawberry with a touch of oak. Despite a faint tartness from the strawberry note, the promised puckering adventure falls short. The absence of expected sourness leaves a sense of disappointment. No discernible signs of beer bugs or genuine tartness.

Mouthfeel: Substantial, Yet Ordinary

The beer presents a full-bodied experience with average carbonation, contributing to its overall mundane character.

Overall: Unfulfilled Promises

Anticipating a journey into puckering sensations, the lack of sour or tart elements leaves a bitter taste of letdown. While the beer in the glass proves tasty, it falls short of the advertised adventure. There’s a glimmer of hope that the flavors may develop as promised, but for now, Grand Teton Oud Bruin fails to deliver the expected tangy delight.