Diving into the depths of Grand Teton Brewing’s 2013 edition of the Double Vision Doppelbock, one encounters a brew that proudly showcases the brewery’s prized glacial spring water. Brewed with unwavering adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, this beer boasts a luxurious tan head and an enticingly bready aroma tinged with a hint of smoke, presenting itself in a dark leather hue with ruby undertones. The use of Liberty hops, an American iteration of the noble German Hallertau Mittelfrüh, and fermentation with lager yeast from a Munich monastery brewery, add layers of complexity to the profile.

Pouring into Darkness

Appearance: The liquid poetry pours forth in a dark brown cascade, crowned by a substantial cap of tightly knit tan head. A visual promise of the richness that lies beneath.

Aroma: As the olfactory journey unfolds, notes of coffee-like roast, grains, cereal, and a dark chocolate symphony fill the air, setting the stage for what’s to come.

A Flavorful Symphony

Taste: The palate embarks on a dark adventure, encountering robust flavors of dark roast, minerals, a subtle touch of wood smoke, and the indulgence of dark chocolate. Pumpernickel makes a cameo, adding depth to the ensemble. Amidst the savory, smoky, and bitter chocolate notes, a subtle undercurrent of sweetness weaves its way into the experience.

Embracing the Experience

Mouthfeel: The Double Vision Doppelbock envelops the palate with a full-bodied embrace, complemented by an easygoing carbonation that enhances the overall sipping experience.

Overall Impression: While this rendition may not mirror the traditional German Doppelbocks, it carves its own path with boldness and flavor. Grand Teton Brewing has crafted a brew that stands tall, offering a distinctive and enjoyable journey for those seeking a departure from the conventional. Cheers to a beer that dares to be big, bold, and, above all, thoroughly enjoyable.