From Goose Island comes Summertime, a Kölsch-style beer aiming to satiate summer thirst with the clean and refreshing attributes reminiscent of Cologne, Germany’s beer tradition. This pale golden ale, boasting a faintly fruity aroma, undergoes cold-conditioning or lagering post-primary fermentation. In essence, Summertime prides itself on utilizing top-notch malts and German hops to craft an ideal beverage for scorching summer days and balmy summer nights.

Appearance: Unremarkable Aesthetics

The beer pours into a pint glass, presenting a semi-hazy yellow gold hue crowned by a thick foamy white head that gradually recedes to a thin cap of white. While not visually striking, the appearance aligns with the expectations of a Kölsch-style brew.

Aroma: Quirky Notes, Slightly Offbeat

The olfactory experience reveals biscuit-like malt intertwined with a perfumy yeast character, lending an almost Belgian-like nuance. A curious undertone of unbaked pizza dough further complicates the aromatic profile, introducing a touch of eccentricity to an otherwise straightforward style.

Taste: A Play of Familiar Elements

The taste profile unfolds with dry biscuity malt, accompanied by a mild hop spice that concludes with a distinctive sour twang. Contrary to any off-putting flavors, this hint of sourness resonates more akin to a light lager, contributing to a palatable and approachable overall taste.

Mouthfeel: Balanced and Active

The beer’s texture is medium-bodied with lively carbonation, providing a balanced mouthfeel that enhances the overall drinking experience. The active carbonation complements the beer’s refreshing nature, contributing to its easy-drinking quality.

Overall: A Middle Ground Among Giants

In the grand spectrum of summer beers from prominent brands, Goose Island Summertime neither outshines nor falters. Its drinkability stands on par with other major contenders, offering a safe choice for those seeking a reliable, albeit unremarkable, companion for warm weather imbibing.