Beer Review: FULL SAIL LTD 06

Beer Review: FULL SAIL LTD 06

Publisher: Full Sail Brewing
Genre: Dunkler Bock
Print Length: Not specified
ISBN: Not specified

A Visual Odyssey

The pour of Full Sail LTD 06 unveils a brooding, dark brown liquid that staunchly refuses any intrusion of light. The absence of a substantial head is compensated by a ring of tan froth at the edges and subtle tan swirls upon closer inspection.

Aromatics: A Tale of Contrasts

The olfactory journey of this black bock leads through a landscape of roasted malt, accompanied by curious notes of wet dog, walnuts, and a flirtation with chocolate. The aroma sets the stage, inviting the drinker into a complex realm of scents.

Palate: A Symphony of Flavors

The taste profile unfolds with roasted and toasty malt taking center stage, accompanied by the spicy overtures of hops. In a surprising twist, a subtle sour twang disrupts the narrative in the middle, adding a layer of complexity. A touch of coffee adds an extra dimension, and the grand finale leaves a lingering impression of roast and hop spice.

Texture: Full-Bodied Revelry

The mouthfeel is a robust affair, with a full-bodied character supported by moderate carbonation. The interplay of textures enhances the overall drinking experience, making it a journey that engages the senses.

Verdict: Bold, Tasty, and a Craft Lager Triumph

In the realm of limited edition lagers, Full Sail LTD 06 stands tall as a bold and flavorful creation. The richness of its aroma, the complexity of its taste, and the full-bodied texture make it a commendable addition to the craft lager series. While it may not be without its surprises, the overall experience is one of indulgence and craft beer revelry.