Beer Review: FULL SAIL LTD 04

Beer Review: FULL SAIL LTD 04

The pour reveals a clear amber-tinted yellow gold liquid, crowned by a fluffy white head that diminishes to a thin film. While it presents an inviting appearance, the subdued head suggests a potential lack of effervescence.


Upon bringing the glass to the nose, a medley of scents emerges. Sweet corn, grassy hops, husky grain, and a subtle fruity note collectively weave an olfactory tapestry. The aromatic profile sets the stage for what promises to be an intriguing tasting experience.


The palate is introduced to a symphony of flavors dominated by grassy herbal hops and the sweetness of corn. The bitter yet fruity finish adds a layer of complexity, although a discernible alcohol presence slightly interrupts the harmony. The choice to focus on a singular barley and Northwest hops is evident, yet the execution may leave connoisseurs yearning for a more refined composition.


The mouthfeel unfolds as creamy with an average level of carbonation. This texture contributes to a smooth drinking experience, though it may lack the liveliness expected in certain beer styles. The balance between creaminess and carbonation, while satisfactory, doesn’t necessarily elevate the overall drinking sensation.


In the realm of Full Sail’s limited edition lagers, the LTD 04 makes a commendable addition. It adheres to the brewery’s ethos of simplicity, showcasing the interplay between pale malt and Willamette hops. While the beer stands as another solid offering from Full Sail, it doesn’t necessarily break new ground or leave a lasting impression. It successfully demonstrates the artistry of simplicity but may fall short of delivering an unforgettable experience for those seeking more profound beer expressions.