Fremont’s Winter Ale pours out in a deep brown hue, reminiscent of the long, dark nights that winter brings. Maroon highlights add a touch of mystery to the glass. The tan foam, resembling a mousse, lingers for a commendable duration, setting an inviting stage for what’s to come.

Aroma: A Wintery Suggestion

The aroma carries a subtle hint of winter, with faint whispers of star anise and perhaps allspice peppercorns. However, the dominant notes of dark chocolate ganache and high-quality espresso create an olfactory experience that leans more towards indulgence than seasonal tradition.

Taste: A Departure from Tradition

Fremont’s Winter Ale deviates from the conventional winter ale profile, presenting a robust porter or stout character. The flavor profile unfolds with a surprising savory quality, where salt, baker’s chocolate, espresso, and cocoa nibs take center stage. This departure from the usual dark fruits, cinnamon, and phenolic spices common in winter ales marks a refreshing shift.

Mouthfeel: Hefty and Bitter

Clocking in at a bold 8% ABV, this Winter Ale boasts a substantial body that veils its alcohol content. The use of bittering Columbus hops, pushing the beer to 60 IBUs, defies the stereotypical expectation of a milder winter ale. The result is a creamy, smooth vehicle carrying the weight of roasted barley and dark malts.

Overall: A Winter Warmer with a Bold Twist

In the realm of porters and stouts, Fremont’s Winter Ale reigns supreme. The 8% ABV, though deceptively subtle during consumption, propels it into imperial porter/stout territory. Fremont’s brewing prowess shines through, showcasing attention to detail. For those seeking a departure from the ordinary winter ale, this offering stands as a phenomenal choice. However, unsuspecting casual beer shoppers may find themselves pleasantly surprised by the robust intensity emanating from this unassuming can. It’s a dark delight that defies expectations and warms the soul on cold winter nights. Cheers to Fremont for crafting a beer that truly matters in the chill of the season!