The Fremont Head Full of Dynomite v.13 pours into the glass with a captivating, hazy, and glowing straw color. The medium-sized white foam lingers gracefully, offering a pleasant visual experience. Unlike some New England-style IPAs that appear unappetizing with sludgy and brownish tints, this one maintains its allure.


The aroma of Head Full of Dynomite v.13 is nothing short of impressive. It kicks off with a burst of green mango, sweet mangosteen, lychee, and an abundance of green plant notes from the hops. It’s a tropical fruit symphony that many beers in this style claim but rarely deliver. Upon closer inspection, the beer delights the senses with an exceptional mouthfeel.


What sets this brew apart is its exceptional mouthfeel. It boasts an ultra-soft and fluffy texture on the palate, complemented by a generous dose of fattiness and creaminess. The infusion of oatmeal lends it a luxurious silkiness. Notably, the chalky mineral notes, often a drawback in similar beers, are subdued to negligible levels, allowing you to fully savor the tropical fruit-forward hops. The higher malty sweetness and minimal bitterness make the fruit flavors come alive, creating a ripe and juicy sensation that eludes most hazy IPAs. The carbonation remains effervescent, adding a refreshing touch to the overall experience.


The mouthfeel of Head Full of Dynomite v.13 is a highlight of this beer. It’s remarkably soft and velvety on the palate, with a satisfying richness and creaminess that make it stand out in the crowd. The inclusion of oats contributes to its exceptional silkiness, and the minimal presence of chalky mineral flavors allows the tropical fruit notes to shine. With a higher level of malty sweetness and a restrained bitterness, the beer delivers a juicy and refreshing sensation, enhanced by the lively carbonation.


In a realm where the “juicy” IPA label is often misused, Fremont’s Head Full of Dynomite v.13 truly lives up to its name. It explodes with tropical fruit aromas and flavors, offering a sensory delight. The luxurious and smooth mouthfeel, devoid of gritty mineral nuances, enables you to savor every nuance of this beer. It might just be the finest hazy IPA I’ve encountered to date.

Fremont Brewing Company has managed to rekindle my faith in this sometimes overhyped style. Even after traveling from Seattle, this delicate beer competes admirably with our local hazy offerings.

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