Founders Brewing Company stands out in the bustling summer beer scene with its creation, Founders Rübæus. In a market flooded with hazy wheat beers, Founders dares to carve its own path. This brew, made exclusively with fresh raspberries, delivers intense flavors intertwined with an unapologetic malt bill. At a robust 7% ABV, it unequivocally earns its beer status. The brewing process involves the addition of fresh raspberries at five distinct stages, ensuring the perfect equilibrium of tartness and sweetness. Rübæus proudly pays homage to Founders Brewing’s commitment to crafting beers that they themselves want to savor.


The 12 oz. bottle of Founders Rübæus, poured into a goblet, reveals a captivating dark red/maroon hue with minimal head formation.


The aroma is a celebration of natural ripe raspberries, with no discernible hop presence making its mark.


Sipping on Rübæus unveils a delightful experience of sweet, ripe raspberry juice. The malt character remains neutral, steering clear of roasty, toasty, caramel, or chocolate notes. A subtle tingle of hop spice adds an intriguing dimension to the flavor profile.


With a medium-bodied and juicy mouthfeel, Rübæus offers a satisfying texture that complements its berry-infused essence.

The Verdict

Founders Rübæus emerges as a commendable raspberry beer, residing in the same league as New Glarus fruit beers. If you’re a fan of the latter, this brew is likely to captivate your palate. Notably, Rübæus might prove more accessible, making it a worthy contender for enthusiasts seeking a flavorsome and easily attainable fruity beer fix.