In this review, we take a closer look at Foothills Brewing’s offering – the Foothills Hoppyum IPA. Despite the brewery’s reputation for crafting impressive beers, this particular East Coast IPA fails to leave a lasting impression.

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Lackluster Appearance and Aroma

Appearance: The Hoppyum IPA pours into the glass with a clear amber gold hue, accompanied by a disappointingly thin film of white head.

Aroma: The olfactory experience doesn’t offer much excitement either, as a faint herbal and citrus hop nose fails to captivate the senses.

Uninspiring Flavor Profile

Taste: The flavor journey is marked by a curious mix of Palmolive, orange, and pine, concluding with an earthy finish. Unfortunately, the overall taste leans towards the soapy and malty side, a characteristic not uncommon in East Coast IPAs.

Underwhelming Mouthfeel

Mouthfeel: Despite its promise of a craft experience, the Hoppyum IPA delivers a full-bodied sensation with peppery carbonation. This doesn’t quite redeem the lackluster taste, leaving much to be desired.

Final Verdict: A Passable Brew, but Noteworthy for the Wrong Reasons

Overall: Foothills Brewing has undoubtedly showcased its brewing prowess in other offerings, but the Hoppyum IPA leaves much to be desired. This East Coast representation falls short with its soapy and malty attributes. While Foothills has a track record of delivering remarkable beers, this one might not be worth revisiting unless there’s a compelling reason to believe it offers a different experience than what this review suggests.