From the creative minds at Fonta Flora comes “Stroopwafel” – an English-style dark mild ale enriched with honey stinger waffles. Meticulously crafted with a blend of local barley malt from Riverbend Malt House, alongside a thoughtful combination of the finest caramel and crystal malts, and fermented with Fonta Flora’s preferred house English yeast strain, this beer promises an ample body and a dry finish. As an added twist, heaps of honey stinger waffles find their way into the mash, creating a playful treat for cycling enthusiasts.


The Stroopwafel pours midnight black, completely shrouded in darkness with a light tan head that hints at a less roasty character than anticipated.


Immerse yourself in the intriguing scent of caramel, black pepper, toffee, and diner coffee – a delightful olfactory experience. The absence of hop aroma aligns seamlessly with the expected characteristics of this traditional dark mild.


As the flavor unfolds, the dominance of coffee is expected in a Dark Mild, yet a surprise twist emerges with the presence of fresh-baked bread notes. With the temperature rise, caramel sweetness asserts itself, possibly embodying the essence of the stroopwafel. Despite the lower alcohol content, the beer maintains a lower body, enhancing the slightly astringent finish. The subdued carbonation, reminiscent of English cask ales, prevents it from veering into seltzer territory.


The lower body and restrained carbonation contribute to a drinkable experience, while the darker tones of the flavor profile keep it grounded and prevent any unwarranted foray into overly light territory.


In the realm of craft beer, niche styles like Dark Mild often hold a special place in the hearts of brewers but tend to fade quickly in tasting rooms. Fonta Flora’s take on the style is commendable, even if the stroopwafel addition might not be immediately evident in the tasting experience. The brewery’s marketing strategy, leaning into the stroopwafel theme, is noteworthy, as it sparks conversation and captures consumer attention. While the connection between the beer and stroopwafels may not be crystal clear, this Dark Mild does find harmony in its coffee-forward profile – a blend that could easily complement a cup of coffee, much like the classic stroopwafel pairing.