In the cutthroat world of craft brewing, Flying Dog Brewery unveils its latest concoction, The Truth Imperial IPA. Marketed with brutal honesty, the beer claims to fill a gap in the brewery’s portfolio, a strategic move to expand market share. But does this bold move translate into a refreshing experience or leave a bitter aftertaste?

Brewery Confessions and Crafty Calculations

Full disclosure accompanies the birth of The Truth Imperial IPA, a calculated creation aimed at bolstering Flying Dog Brewery’s year-round offerings. The motive is clear โ€“ a thirst for market dominance. However, as the saying goes, sometimes the truth hurts, and in this case, it is served up in a bottle.

The Hop Bomb Explosion

Poured into a goblet, The Truth reveals itself with an orange-amber hue, crowned by a fleeting off-white head. The initial assault comes from the Pacific Northwest’s distinctive hops, delivering a sharp bitterness reminiscent of towering pine. As the experience unfolds, the palate is bombarded with a medley of bright citrus, akin to grapefruit, and nuanced stone fruit flavors.

Aroma Assault and Taste Tumult

The aroma profile is a battlefield of bright dank hops, dancing with tangerine and pine, all while a caramel-like sweetness lurks in the background. The taste experience intensifies the hop journey, featuring a dominant pine bitterness complemented by juicy citrus and a toasty caramel malt backbone. The finale is an enduring earthy bitterness that lingers on the palate.

Smooth Criminal or Prickly Partner?

In terms of mouthfeel, The Truth proves itself to be fairly smooth, boasting a full-bodied character with a mild prickle. Yet, one wonders if this choice of sensation is a partner in crime or a smooth operator.

Final Verdict: Truth or Dare?

In conclusion, The Truth Imperial IPA stands as a commendable double IPA, showcasing a plethora of aroma and flavor without succumbing to an excess of sweetness. Flying Dog Brewery displays its prowess in crafting a great IIPA, leaving beer enthusiasts yearning for a year-round knockout. As the truth unfolds sip by sip, it’s evident that Flying Dog has the potential to keep hitting it out of the park โ€“ a tantalizing dare for the brewery to seize.