Upon pouring Firestone Walker’s Mind Haze into a glass, the slightly murky, bright golden hue immediately catches the eye. A significant head of pillowy white foam accompanies it, showcasing a visually appealing presentation.


The aromatic experience deviates from the expected with an initial whiff reminiscent of volatile dish soap. However, as this note dissipates, a unique blend of green mango, underripe tangerine, and unripe guava emerges. The backdrop includes subtle hints of white bread and touches of vanilla, contributing to a bright, Springtime aroma.


In the realm of hazy IPAs, Mind Haze stands out with its comparatively dry and “green” profile. Unlike its counterparts, it avoids the excessive sweetness and overripe fruit flavors. The beer leans towards sharpness and refreshment, thanks to a lighter mouthfeel attributed to minimal sugar content. Flashes of pineapple juice intermingle with the prevalent green mango, introducing a touch of acidity and fruit skin bitterness. Bitterness and sugar levels are notably dialed down, providing a clean and crisp disposition. The absence of heavy chalkiness and the avoidance of an underattenuated character contribute to the beer’s overall refreshing quality. While the addition of wheat and oats is present in the recipe, the anticipated creaminess and silky mouthfeel are less obvious. The flavor profile maintains a straightforward sharpness, culminating in a lactic, sourdough-like finish. The overall impression is one of outstanding refreshment and pure drinking pleasure.


Mind Haze diverges from the typical hazy IPA mouthfeel, avoiding the common pitfalls of heavy chalkiness and unfinished character. The beer’s clean and crisp disposition, along with a touch of minerality in the mid-palate and a hint of building acidity in the finish, adds complexity to the overall drinking experience.


Firestone Walker has successfully crafted a crisp and clean interpretation of the hazy IPA style with Mind Haze. While it adheres to the essential characteristics of the genre, such as lowered bitterness and sugar levels, it deviates from the expected wild, overripe fruit aroma and milkshake-like mouthfeel. The beer positions itself as more approachable and refreshing than its counterparts, delivering a unique take on the hazy IPA style. Despite not conforming to all traditional expectations, Mind Haze emerges as a favorite among widely available hazy IPAs, offering a reenvisioned and enjoyable drinking experience.

In conclusion, Firestone Walker’s Mind Haze may not align with every aspect of the hazy IPA style, but its deviation results in a refreshing and joyous drinking experience that sets it apart from the competition.