Upon pouring Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion No. 13 into a glass, its brilliantly clear, pale golden hue captivates the eye. The vivacious white foam, persistent for several minutes, adds to the visual appeal. However, concerns arise about potential confusion for unsuspecting buyers due to the presence of fruit icons on the packaging, hinting at flavors like piña colada, key lime, and nectarine.


The aroma of Luponic Distortion No. 13, initially dominated by an intense coconut explosion at the one-month mark, evolves into a tropical bouquet with hints of pineapple and melon at the two-month stage. The longevity of these aromas raises questions about the beer’s stability and whether it lives up to the promises made on the label.


In the realm of flavor, Luponic Distortion No. 13 distinguishes itself from the prevalent murky IPAs by presenting a remarkably clean and crisp profile. The lager-like crispness, coupled with mild bitterness and sweetness, positions it as an ideal session beer. Its 5.9% ABV, while technically an IPA, aligns it more with the American Pale Ale (APA) category. The taste profile encompasses tropical juiciness, with notes of honeydew melon and pineapple, although the promised key lime and nectarine elements are elusive. The slight oiliness hints at piña colada, offering a pleasant sweetness balanced with a subtle bready base.


Luponic Distortion No. 13 distinguishes itself with a refreshing mouthfeel, characterized by a pilsner-like zing and a lightning-quick finish in the backend. The lower alcohol content enhances its sessionability, contributing to a well-balanced drinking experience.


As a masterful example of a clean, bright IPA, Luponic Distortion No. 13 showcases exotic hop varietals effectively. The beer delivers on its promises, especially when enjoyed fresher, with a unique coconut/piña colada aroma that may fade over time. Its crispness and lower ABV suggest an alignment with the APA category, challenging traditional IPA expectations. Despite minor concerns about potential confusion regarding fruit additions, Luponic Distortion No. 13 stands out as a refreshing and well-crafted beer within its style.

Similar Beers

For those seeking alternatives, the 5% range APAs such as Maine Beer’s Peeper, a tiny beautiful something, and MO, along with Half Acre Daisy Cutter, offer comparable options. Notably, Firestone’s Cashmere XPA surpasses No. 13 in quality, although it’s currently limited to mixed-packs.

In conclusion, Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion No. 13, while not without its nuances, proves to be a noteworthy addition to the Luponic Distortion series, providing a distinctive and enjoyable beer-drinking experience.