Publisher: DAN Beer Reviews
Genre: IPA
Print Length: 12 oz. bottle

Uncivilized and Aggressive Flavor Explosion

Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA, a creation from the esteemed Fat Head’s Brewery, doesn’t hold back on its promise of uncivilized and aggressive west coast IPA goodness. The brew proudly showcases a wicked blend of Simcoe, Columbus, and Cascade hops, delivering an onslaught of intense flavors and aromas. Brace yourself for a wild ride of signature pine and citrus notes that set this IPA apart from the tame ones.

Hazy Amber Gold with a Thin Frothy Crown

In terms of appearance, the Head Hunter IPA pours a hazy amber gold, accompanied by visible bubbles making their way to the surface. Although lacking an impressive head at the start, a persistent thin cap of white froth persists throughout the drinking session, adding a touch of character.

Aromas: Dank Tangerine and Spicy Sweet Malt

Take a moment to appreciate the aroma – a delightful combination of dank tangerine and a hint of spicy sweet malt. The fragrance sets the stage for what’s to come, building anticipation for the flavorful experience that follows.

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit and Pine, a Perfect Pair

As you dive into the tasting experience, expect a pleasing symphony of grapefruit and pine-like hops dancing on your palate. The label’s promise of pineapple notes holds true, complemented by the sweet touch of honey-covered biscuit. The journey concludes with a fruity finish, followed by a lingering piney bitterness that leaves a lasting impression.

Mouthfeel: Medium-Bodied with a Bubbly Twist

The Head Hunter IPA doesn’t just excel in flavor; it also offers a well-rounded mouthfeel. With a medium body and moderate bubbles, it strikes a balance that enhances the overall drinking experience.

Final Verdict: A Strong Contender Worth Seeking

In summary, Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA proves itself as a formidable and impressive strong IPA. The beer’s distinctive character and bold flavors make it a standout choice for those who appreciate a robust and memorable drinking experience. If only it were readily available in more areas – this is a brew that would undoubtedly have a permanent spot in many enthusiasts’ beer rotations.