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Fantôme de Noël: A Festive Dive into Darkness

Fantôme de Noël from Brasserie Fantôme presents itself as a daring venture into the realm of holiday season beers. With an impressive alcohol content of 10% by volume, this brew promises a unique experience enriched with a blend of honey, caramel, coriander, black pepper, and a dash of undisclosed ingredients.

Dark Elegance in a Goblet

Appearance: The beer pours into the goblet, revealing a dark, clear amber hue, crowned with a ring of off-white bubbles. A visually enticing start to what lies within.

Aroma: A Symphony of Scents

Aroma: The fragrance carries notes of light bubble gum, clove, cinnamon, and toasted malt, creating an olfactory anticipation that prepares the senses for the tasting journey ahead.

Tasting Notes: A Toasty Affair

Taste: The palate is greeted with a toasty maltiness, complemented by hints of bubble gum and dark fruit. A flavor profile that deviates from the expected Saison category, offering a delicious and festive surprise.

Mouthfeel: A Full-Bodied Celebration

Mouthfeel: The beer embraces a full-bodied character with average carbonation, contributing to a satisfying mouthfeel that resonates with the celebratory nature of the holiday season.

Overall Verdict: Unconventional, Tasty, and Festive

Overall: Fantôme de Noël challenges preconceived notions, particularly regarding its alignment with the Saison category. Yet, the brew manages to captivate with its unconventional charm, delivering a tasty and festive experience that defies traditional expectations. A unique addition to the holiday beer repertoire.