The Even More Jesus by Evil Twin Brewing, an imperial stout boasting a 12% ABV, certainly commands attention from the get-go. Poured from a 16 oz. can (batch 15) with a location note from Stratford, CT (as Evil Twin beers can vary in origin), this beer emerges as the epitome of darkness. In the glass, it’s an inky black, allowing only occasional glimpses of light. The dark brown foam, with a mesmerizing reverse cascade effect, adds to the overall menacing allure. It’s a visual experience that sets the stage for what’s to come.


Upon diving into the aroma, the initial notes dance with tar and black olives, gradually transforming into a rich bouquet of thick fudge and brownie after a brief period of oxidation. The transition is a delightful anticipation of the taste that follows. It’s a savory journey, resonating with dessert-like scents that invite you further into the beer’s complex olfactory landscape.


The first sip of Even More Jesus reveals a super sweet front that might be a bit too heavy on burnt sugar for some palates. The beer presents an insanely dense body, leaving an oily, palate-coating effect. Mid-palate, the bitterness of dark chocolate emerges, accompanied by lingering notes of caramel and molasses. It’s undeniably sweet, with burnt sugar, brownie, fudge, and chocolate cake frosting dominating the flavor profile. While maintaining a semblance of balance with a background of crazy bitterness, the front palate leans heavily on sweetness. The back palate endeavors to counterbalance with wet tobacco, tar, black crayon, and oil-cured black olive. On the positive side, the mouthfeel is velvety and oily, successfully masking any potential alcohol burn beneath the layers of sugar.


The soft and oily mouthfeel of Even More Jesus is a redeeming quality, ensuring a smooth journey through the beer’s intense flavors. Despite the overwhelming sweetness, the texture avoids any harsh alcohol sensations, making it a palatable experience for those who appreciate a rich, full-bodied brew.


In the grand scheme of sweet beers, Even More Jesus stands out for its ability to evolve with each sip. While many sweet brews tend to become cloying over time, this one takes a different path, becoming progressively more bitter. The end result is a monster beer, boasting both immense body and bitterness. From a technical standpoint, it’s flawless, but the overriding sweetness may deter some. This imperial stout is tailor-made for enthusiasts of colossal brews meant for sharing in a group setting. However, those seeking a solitary indulgence might find the sweetness a bit overwhelming. It’s a beer that seems to flirt with the extremes of the imperial stout style, pushing boundaries with a touch of parody and a dash of absurdity.

In essence, Even More Jesus is a beer that doesn’t take itself too seriously, almost like a caricature of the imperial stout genre. Every element, from the specialty malt to the original gravity, is cranked up to the maximum, resulting in a brew that teeters on the brink of being comically excessive. The beer’s description even playfully jabs at the overlap between the “best” and rarest imperial stouts, making it clear that this is an experience designed for those who appreciate the extremes of the style.

And let’s not forget the burnt sugar flavor, or more accurately described as Muscovado sugar. This little detail adds a layer of education to the tasting experience, enlightening drinkers about Muscovado sugar’s status as the darkest and most raw form of sugar, laden with molasses content. Consider it a bonus nugget of knowledge amid the intense flavor journey.

In conclusion, Even More Jesus might not be everyone’s cup of beer, particularly if your taste buds shy away from the sweeter side. But for those intrigued by a bold, technically impeccable imperial stout with a penchant for exaggeration, this beer is undoubtedly a divine creation worth exploring. Just be prepared for a flavor rollercoaster that refuses to conform to the ordinary. Cheers to pushing the boundaries of beer enjoyment!