The Evil Twin Disco Beer pours into the glass with an inviting bright and clear copper hue, crowned by a lasting off-white frothy cap. The visual presentation sets the stage for what promises to be a distinctive beer-drinking experience.


The aroma of this vinous IPA is nothing short of extravagant, delivering a massive tropical blast that includes notes of mango, pineapple, grapefruit, tangerine, and a hint of spicy sweet crystal-like malt. The olfactory journey hints at the complexity that awaits the palate.


As the first sip unfolds, the spicy sweet malt detected in the aroma takes the lead, paving the way for earthy resinous hops and subtle dried apricot notes. The alcohol presence is apparent, contributing to a bold and intense flavor profile. The finish carries a touch of bitterness, adding to the beer’s overall complexity.


While the mouthfeel is somewhat rough, the moderate carbonation contributes to a lively experience. The beer presents itself as seemingly dry, enhancing the overall drinking sensation. Despite the rough edges, the mouthfeel complements the beer’s bold character.


In the realm of Imperial/Double IPAs, Evil Twin Disco Beer stands out as a fantastic and nearly perfect creation. What makes it remarkable is its ability to surprise; the integration of 10% Chardonnay white wine is subtle, leaving the drinker unaware until later reflection. It’s a true party starter, boldly inviting even the most reserved beer enthusiasts to own the dance floor. This beer’s excellence lies not only in its seamless blend of flavors but also in its skillful concealment of the vinous element, making each sip a delightful revelation.