Epic Brewing’s Los Locos Mexican-Style Lager presents itself as an intriguing option, poured from a 12oz can into a Rastal Harmony glass. The initial sight is a hazy, bright straw hue, accompanied by a swiftly dissipating white foam. The foam’s texture varies pleasingly with an assortment of bubble sizes. Notably, the can’s labeling opts for a “best by” date rather than a packaging date, a somewhat inferior choice for hoppy beers but possibly less critical for this style.

Aroma: Upon the first whiff, Los Locos unveils an arresting bouquet of scents. Fresh pomelo, candied lemon, and kumquat burst forth, along with a subtle hint of saltwater. With a bit of warmth, the fragrance shifts to an intense lime blossom honey aroma. It’s a distinct olfactory experience, deviating significantly from the typical lager aromas encountered recently.

Taste: This Mexican-Style Lager distinguishes itself in the flavor department as well. Los Locos welcomes the palate with a well-balanced salinity, skillfully integrated lime notes that avoid feeling forced or artificial. The presence of juicy melon undertones adds complexity, ensuring that the lime element doesn’t dominate. What sets it apart is its mouthfeel, which aligns more closely with a gose-style brew rather than a traditional lager. The salt content provides a quenching quality akin to a sports drink. While it may lack pronounced bitterness, it compensates with mild acidity and vibrant fruit juice flavors, achieving an admirable equilibrium.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel of Los Locos deserves special mention. Its texture leans toward that of a gose, departing from the typical lager experience. Thanks to the salt content, it offers a refreshing, Gatorade-like sensation. Despite the absence of significant bitterness, it maintains its balance through mild acidity and the presence of bright fruit juice flavors.

Overall: Against my initial reservations due to prior disappointments with similar beers like Stone’s Buenaveza and Belching Beaver’s Dia de los Deftones, Epic’s Los Locos surprised me. It emerges as a standout within the complex realm of Mexican-Style Lagers. What sets it apart is its ability to deliver both salt and lime flavors harmoniously, creating a Gatorade-like experience rather than an incongruous mix like Bud Light Lime. With its quenching nature, soft body, low alcohol content, and originality, it embodies the ideal characteristics of a session beer. Los Locos is, without a doubt, a phenomenal addition to the beer market.

Similar Beers: Given the distinctive flavor profile of Los Locos, it’s challenging to find exact parallels within the same category. However, for those seeking a similar experience, Dogfish Head’s SeaQuench Ale and Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez Lime & Agave are worthy alternatives. Both of these options share characteristics such as moderate acidity, extreme thirst-quenching qualities, and similar flavor profiles.

In conclusion, Epic Brewing has succeeded in crafting a unique and noteworthy Mexican-Style Lager with Los Locos. It offers a refreshing departure from convention, combining salt and lime flavors seamlessly. This beer’s quenching properties, coupled with its soft body and low alcohol content, make it an excellent choice for a session beer.