Discover a gluten-free beer like no other with Epic Brewing’s “Epic Glutenator.” This unique brew boasts a distinctive blend of ingredients, shunning astringent sorghum in favor of light-bodied millet, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and molasses, all harmonized with generous doses of American hops. Let’s dive into this gluten-free concoction that promises a golden hue, enticing aromas, and a clean, sorghum-free finish.


In the glass, Epic Glutenator reveals a pale yellow, crystal-clear liquid, reminiscent of sparkling wine. However, the fleeting head dissipates quickly, setting the stage for a visually intriguing experience.


The aromatic profile unfolds with notes of peaches, apricot, and a subtle hint of bread, creating an inviting olfactory prelude to the tasting adventure.


The flavor journey commences with a bold bitterness, accompanied by nuances of apricot and a pronounced hoppy character. Drawing comparisons to a Belgian saison, the taste is light, crispy, and leaves an aftertaste that lingers—an acquired taste that might pose a challenge for those sensitive to bitterness.


Epic Glutenator offers a fairly light mouthfeel, with a slightly fizzy texture. However, the carbonation diminishes notably toward the end, leaving room for contemplation.


The Bitter Challenge

While the initial bitterness may be overwhelming, especially for those unaccustomed to bold flavors, Epic Glutenator reveals its redeeming qualities upon closer inspection.

Limited Options, Bold Solutions

Acknowledging the constraints of gluten allergies that often limit beer choices, Epic Brewing deserves commendation for crafting an option that breaks free from the traditional mold. For those facing gluten restrictions, the availability of beers like Epic Glutenator opens up new possibilities and challenges preconceived notions.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Epic Glutenator emerges as a commendable effort in the realm of gluten-free beers. While the bitterness may initially startle the uninitiated palate, its unique combination of ingredients and commitment to a sorghum-free finish make it a noteworthy choice for those seeking alternatives in the gluten-free beer landscape. Kudos to brewers like Epic Brewing for pushing boundaries and offering diverse options in the ever-expanding world of craft beer.