In the realm of craft beers, Elevation Oil Man stands tall, drawing parallels to the “sweet light crude oil” of Colorado’s eastern plains. This imperial stout from Elevation Beer Co. makes a bold entrance with a deep black pour crowned by an enticing off-white head.

Sensory Symphony

The aromatics of Elevation Oil Man create a sensory symphony, reminiscent of the sunset over the eastern plains. Sweet malt and bourbon intertwine, setting the stage for a palate journey that echoes the malt profile from start to finish. Chocolate, coffee, and the unmistakable presence of bourbon dance subtly on the taste buds, offering a true treat for enthusiasts of malt and bourbon alike.

Pouring the Experience

In a 750 ml. bottle, Elevation Oil Man is presented in all its glory when poured into a goblet. At 11% alcohol by volume, this brew is not for the faint-hearted.

Appearance: The beer pours near black, unveiling a tan head that gracefully subsides to form a lasting ring.

Aroma: The fragrance is a captivating blend of bourbon, wood, and roasted coffee, enticing the olfactory senses.

Taste: Bourbon greatness takes center stage, complemented by notes of smoked roasted malt and subtle banana esters, creating a nuanced flavor profile.

Mouthfeel: Despite its robust 11% ABV, Elevation Oil Man surprises with a mouthfeel that defies expectations. It’s not as thick as one might anticipate from an imperial stout of this caliber, presenting a rounded and smooth texture with modest carbonation.

The Verdict

In the world of imperial stouts, Elevation Oil Man proves to be a well-executed masterpiece. Its tasteful combination of flavors and surprisingly approachable nature make it an enjoyable brew that is ready to be savored immediately. Contrary to its high alcohol content, it does not tread into the intimidating territory of Monster Imperial Stout; instead, it invites enthusiasts to revel in its richness without overwhelming the senses. Elevation Oil Man stands as a testament to the craft, offering a dark delight for those seeking a memorable beer experience.