Beer Review: DRAKE’S JOLLY RODGER 2013

Beer Review: DRAKE’S JOLLY RODGER 2013

Drake’s Jolly Rodger 2013 presents itself as a significant departure from its predecessors, offering an 11.5% Imperial American Black Ale. This iteration of the longstanding Jolly Rodger series demonstrates a shift towards a darker, more intense flavor profile.


The pour reveals a deep black hue topped with a modest cap of froth, hinting at the beer’s robust character.


The aroma bursts forth with prominent notes of bright citrus and grapefruit, accompanied by hints of grape, dark fruit tobacco, and black licorice, promising a complex sensory experience.


Upon tasting, the beer delivers a punch of grapefruit-like hops, initially presenting a fruity profile. As the experience progresses, subtle notes of mild dark chocolate emerge, balanced by a harmonious blend of bitter, resinous, and citrusy hops. Notably, the finish, while retaining bitterness, surprisingly avoids overwhelming the palate.


The mouthfeel offers a smooth, full-bodied experience, complemented by average carbonation, enhancing the overall drinking sensation.


Drake’s Jolly Rodger 2013 stands out as a highly enjoyable representation of a big black ale. Its defining characteristic lies in the level and complexity of the hops, which elevate the beer’s flavor profile. However, despite its seemingly innocuous taste, its high alcohol content (11.5% ABV) demands caution, as it may catch some drinkers off guard with its potency.


PublisherDrake’s Brewing
GenreBlack IPA
Print Length22 oz.

This edition of Drake’s Jolly Rodger 2013 beckons to enthusiasts of bold, hop-forward brews, offering a nuanced exploration of dark ale territory.