Crafted with generous amounts of American two-row malt, English pale malt, Vienna, Rye, and Crystal malts, Drake’s Hopocolypse is a formidable creation. The beer’s character is further shaped by a blend of German Magnum, Simcoe, and Chinook hops, culminating in a brew that beckons with a deep orange hue. The brewing process includes a strategic dry hopping with additional Simcoe and Chinook hops, ensuring a massive aromatic experience and a prophetic hop flavor that lingers.

Appearance: A Vibrant Entrée

The liquid spectacle unfolds as Hopocolypse is unleashed into a goblet, pouring forth a luminous amber-orange liquid crowned with a voluminous off-white head. The visual presentation is a beacon of promise, setting the stage for what lies within.

Aroma: Fruitful Overture

The olfactory journey commences with an enticing medley of peach, tangerine, grapefruit, and a subtle hint of pine. The aroma is a harmonious prelude, foretelling the forthcoming explosion of flavors.

Taste: The Grapefruit Conquest

A sip introduces a dominant grapefruit presence, accompanied by a spicy-sweet toffee-like maltiness and a touch of peach. The flavor profile is dynamic, leading to an assertive hop bitterness in the finish. Remarkably, the bitterness doesn’t overstay its welcome, leaving the palate tantalized and yearning for the next encounter.

Mouthfeel: Substantial Harmony

Hopocolypse presents itself as a full-bodied creation, embracing the palate with modest, creamy bubbles. The mouthfeel is a dance between richness and effervescence, contributing to a well-rounded and satisfying drinking experience.

Overall: California Craft Excellence

In the realm of California craft beer, Drake’s Hopocolypse stands tall as a testament to both quality and value. The execution of this beer staple is commendable, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the artistry of brewing. With its intense aromatics, bold flavors, and a judicious balance, Hopocolypse emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a robust and gratifying beer experience.