In the realm of American Pale Ales, Drake’s Alpha Session claims its stake as a “Nor Cal bitter,” boasting a bold hop profile while maintaining a sessionable 3.8% ABV. Positioned against the West Coast’s formidable contenders, this brew aims to capture the essence of California style with a straightforward blend of 2-row barley, Maris Otter, and C-45 malt. Let’s delve into the experience that unfolds within the 12-ounce bottle of Drake’s Alpha Session.


Upon pouring into a pint glass, Drake’s Alpha Session exhibits a fairly clear yellow-gold hue, crowned by a white sudsy head that gracefully settles into a tight thin cap. The visual presentation sets the stage for what promises to be a distinctive beer-drinking encounter.


The olfactory journey of Drake’s Alpha Session introduces a symphony of scents dominated by lemon zest and various citrus notes. Complementing these lively aromas is a hint of malt, reminiscent of animal crackers or sweet cereal. The fragrance sets expectations for a sensory exploration that goes beyond the conventional pale ale experience.


As the liquid touches the palate, a dance of flavors unfolds. The spicy bitterness of the hops takes center stage, intertwining with a husky dry pale malt character. The journey concludes with an earthy and bitter finish, leaving a lasting impression that lingers on the taste buds. Drake’s Alpha Session proves to be more than just a fleeting sip; it’s a flavorful revelation.


While the beer leans towards the thin side, its carbonation contributes a prickly sensation, adding an extra layer to the overall mouthfeel. The tactile experience, though subtle, enhances the beer’s drinkability, aligning with the notion of a sessionable ale.

Overall Impressions

In the grand scheme of things, Drake’s Alpha Session emerges as a thirst-quenching, fresh, and effortlessly drinkable choice. Surprisingly, its 3.8% ABV doesn’t compromise on hop character, outshining larger counterparts in some instances. As we anticipate the arrival of long, hot days filled with lawnmower escapades and festival revelries, Drake’s Alpha Session positions itself as a companion worth considering for those seeking a delightful and flavorful beer experience.

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