The SuperEIGHT Super Gose from Dogfish Head presents itself in a 12oz can, and upon pouring, it reveals a slightly hazy, purplish-pink hue with a light pink foam crowning the top. The impressive color, reminiscent of watermelon, captivates the eye, maintaining its allure in the glass with a slow collapse of the foam.


As the glass approaches the nose, the initial impression is a somewhat muted fragrance. A hint of saltwater is discernible, accompanied by a growing red berry character reminiscent of a blend between raspberry and cherry. As the beer warms up, the aromatic profile expands, revealing a fruit punch scent, with prominent notes of green watermelon rind. Despite the intriguing list of ingredients, the aroma remains nuanced and restrained.


Contrary to expectations set by the label and artwork, the taste experience of SuperEIGHT doesn’t explode with a plethora of fruit juices. The anticipated variety is somewhat subdued, lacking the expected sweetness or saltiness to accentuate the diverse fruit additions. Instead, the flavor profile leans towards a subtle hint of fruit juice, akin to Spindrift raspberry sparkling water, followed by a rather watery and bland finish. Surprisingly, green watermelon rind takes center stage, overshadowing the vibrant fruit medley promised by the extensive ingredient list.


With a mid-range acidity at a 4 out of 10 level and a low sweetness rating of 1/10, SuperEIGHT maintains a delicate balance. The saltiness, a crucial element in this style, is barely perceptible at a modest 2 out of 10. A touch of creaminess, possibly from wheat or lactic acid, contributes to a cohesive mouthfeel. Despite the extensive list of special ingredients, identifying individual flavors proves challenging, with only a faint hint of raspberry making a noticeable appearance.


SuperEIGHT distinguishes itself with persistent high carbonation, well-tempered acidity, and a soft fruit juice character, making it inherently refreshing. However, the muted fruit flavors fail to make a bold impact compared to other fruited Berliner Weisses and goses. As the warmer seasons approach, Dogfish Head’s SeaQuench Ale remains a more compelling choice. Despite the technical prowess of SuperEIGHT, its deficiency in delivering the vibrant fruit juice blend advertised on the label makes it fall short of expectations. While its marketing, vibrant color, and novel ingredient list may attract a broad audience, those anticipating an extraordinary fruit experience might find it disappointingly familiar. Technically commendable, yet a letdown in embodying its own promises, SuperEIGHT stands as a somewhat underwhelming addition to Dogfish Head’s lineup.