In the visual realm, The Dissident makes a grand entrance, pouring out a deep auburn hue that commands attention. A fluffy beige head graces the scene, though its existence is fleeting, dissipating into oblivion within mere minutes of contact with the glass. The initial promise wanes as the head retreats, leaving an unremarkable presentation.

Aroma: The olfactory experience of The Dissident beckons with a medley of notes. Tart cherry takes center stage, accompanied by the reminiscence of pie filling. However, a peculiar undertone of light chlorine creeps into the aromatic symphony, introducing an unexpected and less appealing facet to the sensory encounter.

Taste: The Dissident’s flavor profile unfolds with a bitter dance of fruit pit bitterness, reminiscent of cherry or peach. The funky vinegary essence adds a layer of complexity, but the tart cherry presence manages to maintain a delicate balance. The interplay of these elements creates a taste that leans toward the unconventional, catering to a palate that appreciates a departure from the ordinary.

Mouthfeel: In the realm of texture, The Dissident embraces a juicy disposition that flirts with the palate, inducing a puckering effect. Modest levels of carbonation contribute to the overall mouthfeel, providing a nuanced experience that complements the beer’s intricate flavor dynamics.

Overall: As the curtain falls on the tasting experience, The Dissident reveals itself as a commendable creation. Despite its claim to a characteristic sour taste, the reality leans more towards a mild sourness. However, it compensates with decent levels of funk, contributing to a flavor profile that, while not adhering strictly to traditional expectations, remains undeniably tasty. The bottle’s suggestion to exercise patience and allow it a year of aging might be wise, but the allure of immediate gratification is hard to resist. In essence, The Dissident stands as a testament to Deschutes Brewery’s adventurous spirit, crafting a beer that is both wild and alluring, albeit not without its quirks.